Monday, July 25, 2005


By William Fisher

Michelle Malkin, sometimes known as Bill O’Reilly in drag, opened one of her recent syndicated rants with this question:

“Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Civil-liberties activists, anti-war organizers, eco-militants and animal-rights operatives are in a fright over news that the nefarious FBI is watching them. Why on earth would the government be worried about harmless liberal grannies, innocent vegetarians, unassuming rainforest lovers and other ‘peaceful groups’ simply exercising their First Amendment rights?”

Ms. Malkin was referring to a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, charging that the FBI had amassed hundreds of pages of secret files on that organization and similar groups.

Well, let me suggest that this cute-looking new darling of the salivating right is asking the wrong question. What she should want to know is why the FBI is snooping on the ACLU. After all, the rights the ACLU defends include those that allow Ms. Malkin to write exactly what she wants to write, no matter how misinformed.

Ms. Malkin is too young to remember, and obviously hasn’t read much American history, but if she wants an answer to that question, there are lots of answers. Here are a few.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the FBI engaged in widespread spying on ordinary Americans. The targets back then were left-wing groups and individuals, civil rights and anti-Vietnam activists and, of course, President Nixon’s “enemies list”.

The leader of the pack was the FBI’s powerful first director, J. Edgar Hoover. J. Edgar started his witch-hunting career in the 1920s under Attorney General Mitchell Palmer. Palmer’s infamous ‘Red Raids’ were enabled by a national environment of fear and suspicion and led to the jailing or deportation of hundreds of communists, anarchists, Bolsheviks, and other dissidents, including Emma Goldman, the well-known Russian émigré poet.

The FBI under Hoover collected information on all America's leading politicians. Known as Hoover's “secret files”, this incriminating material was used to make sure that the eight presidents under whom he served would be too frightened to sack him. The strategy worked and Hoover was still in office when he died in 1972.

Not even Martin Luther King, Jr. got a free pass. The FBI used wiretaps and a covert operation, personally directed by Hoover, to unearth derogatory information intended to destroy King as a national civil rights leader.
In between the Red Raids and Martin Luther King, there was the internment of 120,000 Japanese-Americans during World War Two – an action for which the United States Government finally apologized, but which young Ms. Malkin thinks was just a dandy idea.

Even earlier in the life of our Republic, there were the Alien and Sedition Acts, passed in 1798 under the administration of President John Adams. They were sold as measures to protect the United States from "dangerous" aliens, but were actually used by the Federalists to stop the growth of the Democratic-Republican Party.

The four laws making up the Act authorized the president to imprison or deport any alien associated with any nation the United States was fighting in a "declared war, " and deport any alien considered dangerous, even in peacetime, extended the duration of residence required for aliens to become citizens, nearly tripling it from five years to 14, and made it a crime to publish "false, scandalous, and malicious writing" against government or government officials.

These unambiguous violations of the First Amendment were vigorously opposed by such well-known lefties as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Ms. Malkin saves her fiercest invective for the “eco-radicals” who urge their followers to take “direct actions" against American military establishments, urban centers, corporations, government buildings, media outlets, and the financial centers of the country through “massive property destruction”, “online sabotage”, “physical occupation of buildings”, and large-scale urban rioting.

Ms. Malkin conveniently ignores that fact that such eco-radicals have nothing whatever to do with the ACLU’s lawsuit. She also ignores America’s long history of civil disobedience – which started with the Revolutionary War that created the country, continued through the Civil Rights movement, and is still alive and well today.

No one wants to see mass destruction of anything by anyone, but Ms. Malkin would do well to acknowledge that it was acts of civil disobedience that gave her many of the rights she now enjoys.

Ms. Malkin concludes: " ‘Dissent is patriotic’ is a bromide no responsible agent can swallow blindly. Tolerating the unfettered free speech of saboteurs has threatened enough lives already.”

How about your free speech, Michelle?

I forget who said it, but it’s a statement Ms. Malkin needs to think about: The greatest threat to democracy is the unbridled power of government.

Funny how often small-government states-rights conservatives like Michelle Malkin forget what it is they’re supposed to stand for!


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    12. We will not negotiate with North Korea. Wash Post 1-16-03—Bush is now willing to consider agricultural and energy aid. (Hold on! This is EVIL of axis)
    13.Individual investors who borrow money to buy dividend-paying stocks should be penalized. (Gosh! What did I say—I did not mean it) NYT 2-5-03
    14. I mean what I say until yelling starts. Military pay increase of 2% then 4%.
    Stars & Stripes-12-30-02—Bush asked Defense Dept. to lower the announced pay raise for the military from 3.7% to 2%. Finally got 4 in 2004 budget.

    “I am tired of all the Lying and Deception”—Amen! Halleluiah! Then stop it Boy.

    15.I mean what I say—I am the education president. Please. First budget increased by 1,5% which had averaged 5% increase per year over five years. (Sounds like Clinton was the educated educator to me.)
    16.Wash Post-12-2-02—In June 2002 Bush promised 500 Million to fight mother-child transmission of Aids . In Aug he vetoed the first transfer of the 500 million. In 111 days since his promise 222,000 babies have been infected with Aids. (I wonder if Jesus Christ is tossing in his bed)

    17.“Secretary O’Neill is doing a good job. The economy is improving. I have faith in him”. (Your faith lasts two weeks boy)

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    (I mean what I say” but maybe I will not this time.)

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    24.Wash Posr-11-15-02—“If you are not happy with the administration’s policy toward Iraq at any given moment just wait a week or two. A new policy, more to your liking, is bound to appear”.

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    28.I am against human cloning in any form. (well, not quite “any”)
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    43. NY Times-Patrick e. Tyler-5-17-03—“In reversal, plan for Iraqi self rule by June 1 put off indefinitely. “When I make up my mind(scorched?) it stays made up”? Sho!
    44.BIG WAFFLE—Washington Post-8-19-03-Dana Milbank & Bradley Graham—
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    5-5-04 Bush “I am requesting that Congress establish a 25 Billion contingency reserve ”
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    6-6-02 President Bush “Tonight I ask the Congress to join me in creating a single permanent department securing the homeland of America.”
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    52. Wash Post-1-19-04-“Bush opposes extension of time for 9-11 commission.”
    CNN-2-4-04---“Bush supports time extension for 9-11 commission.”
    53.NYTimes 2-26-04-Bush limits testimony to one hour.”
    Spokesman McClellan-3-10-04 “Bush sets no time limit for testimony.”

    54.Larry King Live 2-15-00 Bush says Gay Marriage is a state issue.
    2-24-04-Bush “Today I call upon the Congress to promptly pass, an amendment to our constitution defining andprot4cting marriage as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife.”
    55. 3-6-03 Bush vows to have a UN vote no matter what 3-18-03-Wash Post-“Bush withdraws request for UN vote.”
    56. Columbia Journalism Review—Bush vetoed Patients Bill Of Rights as Governor but boasted how he got it passed. Now, flip flop to double straddle. He touted the Texas law as super duper.
    When a challenge to the Texas Law went before Supreme Court Bush joined with two HMO’s in opposing the law. Could it be because the HMO’s are Pioneers in his campaign. Doesn’t this man have any honor or integrity?

    57.Remove troops from Korea. A proposal by Cheney. Bush on 3-13-02 “There is no question we have obligations around the world, which we will keep. There is a major obligation for the 37,000 troops in South Korea. It is an obligation that is an important obligation. I know it is important and we will keep that obligation.
    US Newswire-8-19-04.

    58. Speech in Michigan 8-16-04—“We have got to use our resources wisely, like water
    It starts with keeping the Great Lakes water in the Great Lakes Basin.. My position is clear : we are never going to allow diversion of Great Lakes water.”
    Per Associated Press in July 2001 Bush said “I want to talk to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien about piping Great Lakes water to the west and southwest. A lot of people don’t need the water, but when you head South and West, we do need it.”
    AP 7-19-01—White House release 7-17-01 “remarks by the President in Roundtable interview with Foreign Press.

    59. Cheney in Elko, Nevada 8-14-04 “Kerry recommended sensitivity for terrorists. No war was ever won by sensitivity”. Interview with Hugh Hewitt—8-12-04—“From the standpoint of the shrine (Najah), obviously it is a sensitive area, and we are very much aware of it’s sensitivity.” The Daily Howler-8-17-04
    60. NYTimes-8-31-04---
    April 13,2004—“Can you ever win the war on terror? Of course you can.”
    July 19,2004----“I have a clear vision and a strategy to win the war on terror.”
    August 30,2004—“I don’t think you can win the war on terror”
    “I say what I Mean and Mean what I say”
    “When I make up my mind it stays made up.”

    61. March 5,2000—on CBS Face the Nation—Independent group attacking his opponent John McCain---Bush said: ‘That is what freedom of speech is all about. People have the right to do what they want to do, under the-under the First Amendment in America.

    August 23,2004 Bush said: “the practice of independent groups to run smear ads is bad for the system. They should be banned.”

    clarence swinney
    political historian
    burlington nc

  3. Niger is a distraction unless one goes to prison.The eye is off the larger picture via Niger

    When you INTEND to deceive you lie. Explicit or implicit. Clear or vague.


    Saddam--Terrorists connection

    Saddam-Pal of Osama Bin Laden

    Mushroom Cloud

    Drones(can reach USA with 300 refuelings).

    Pics of chemical plant(vague--had clear ones)

    Doug Feith was assigned the task of doctoring information to sell a war. Put him on the stand under oath.

    Put Colin Powell on the stand and let him tell why he said "I was fed inaccurate information.. Some intentional".

    Let Paul Wolfowitz explain his comment--"The only thing we could get a consensus on was WMD".

    Let them explain why they did not believe--

    UN Inspectors-

    -Head of program living in Canada who said "We destroyed all after Gulf War"--

    Saddam son- in-law letter. Explain why they promoted only part..Omitted the second part which said "We destroyed all after Gulf War".

    Let Cheney and PNAC explain 1998 letters promoting removal of Saddam for control of OIL.

    Get Congress next year then let us have a ball.

    clarence swinney-political historian-burlington nc

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  5. I wish to thank you for putting into words that which I fail to say because I'm so annoyed by Malkin. A wondeful article that I read on BaltimoreChronicle. I seem compeled to read her blog, just to know what kind of screwed up spin she's gonna come up with next, sorta like watching a bad soap-opera.

    If you haven't watched her interviews on the comedy net... I mean Fox News, go on the FOX web-site and prepare to cringe. It's less painful watching a guy get shot down while asking a woman out.

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    Consumer spending is 70% of the total. Debt for that spending all time record. By Far. National Saving negative first time since Repub Great Depression. Govt spent 3,000B of money borrowed from foreigners to aid the spending.

    2. Debt as % of National Income--In 2000 it was 80% and in 2005 it was 110%.

    Also, check number 6 or Money Supply. Federal Reserve increasing money supply. Awesome.

    This not a healthy economic growth. Except for ULTRA-RICH.

    2. DOW--Clinton hit record 11,720 in 2000. Bush is less than 2,000 above that record. Bush has passed a 1,000 mark twice. Clinton 8.
    Clinton increase to his top was 8,200 billion. That was big.

    The S&P plus One-half Dow stocks are just now back to 2000 level.

    Let us look at TOTAL STOCK MARKET not 30 stocks.

    Per Year Increase
    Bush I-21%
    Bush II-4% this is a zoom? Six years.

    3. Nasdaq. Clinton record 5000 in 2000. Bush record is to cut it in half--ZOOM down is not good.

    4. JOBS--Oh! How we practice to deceive say Conservatives. They tried using Reagan record as from 1983 to 1989. Six years. Omit two years? Come on! Integrity shall never meet me.
    They are trying the same deception with Bush. Omit 2001 and 2002.

    BUSH NET JOB INCREASE--70,000 per month over 6 years(less one month) This the Big Big ZOOM? He brags on this. Crazy or dumb?
    Reagan-175,000 per month over 8 years.
    Carter-218,000 per month over 4 years.
    Clinton-237,000 per month over 8 years.

    5.HOUSING--low interest rates did the boom. Big Money Boom by Fed. Tax Cuts had little effect. Bush big time Moogumboo.
    Foreclosures ahead! Big Time.

    The number of years of average income to buy a new home at average prices.SHOCKING
    Check this closely.

    1950-2.5 years
    1960-2.4 years
    1970-2.5 years
    1980-3.5 years
    1990-4.3 years
    2000-3.2 years
    2006-5.4 years---this is a Zoom. Wrong direction.

    A 68% Increase in six years is not a good ZOOM.

    Wages have been too slow or prices too high or a combination.
    Baby Boomers will create a genuine mess in our budgets.

    Taking bets on Foreclosures. 5 million or 10 million over next five years.

    Bush Sr. claimed Greenspan policies cost him a re-election.
    He was correct. Look at tight money supply for him.
    Increases “per year” average in Money supply-In Billions.
    Reagan-239---Bush I—56---Clinton—380---Bush II –760 (5 years)
    Bush Sr. was correct. Greenspan did not attempt to stimulate the economy for him.
    M-1 + M-1 Increase per decade.
    1980 Decade-88%--1990 Decade—48%--2000(5 months) 55%
    Monthly Average Increase in Decades—1980’s—120B per month—1990’s 64B per month—2006 (5 years + 4 months)-400 B.
    Federal 6-26-07
    120-64-(400 in one half a decade is obvious favoritism).
    If they continue that trend it will be 120-64-700.
    It is obvious the Federal Reserve favored Reagan and now Bush II.

    He opened the Printing Presses full time for Jr.
    He shafted Clinton with 6.5% interest rate and gave Bush II a 1% rate.

    6. SPENDING—Bush inherited spending at 18.5% of GDP and in first term took it to 20.3%. Eight years=disaster. Watch Conservatives try to remove one-half the budget by using Discretionary only. A President is responsible for ALL spending.

    Do not let them Goering you with IRAQ the spending problem.
    Last two years we spent over 5000 Billion in total. 500B in four years on Iraq. They will try to Goering us.

    7. DEBT—all fault of Iraq War
    Someone needs to check percentages.
    Since inception of illegal slaughterama President Cheney and Puppet Bush have spent $12,379 Billion. $450 Billion on killings.
    How has 3% created $3000 Billion of Debt?

    Yes! Zoom Level. Buy overseas at $.50 per hour labor and sell to us as tho it is $10.00 per hour labor.

    Whoever is President during 2010-2020 will be in deep doodoo.
    Since 1980 this nation's economy has been turned upside down.

    From WWII to 1980 all Income-Wealth quintiles increased almost evenly percentage wise.

    Since 1980 it has been rush to top with bottom 75% stagnated.

    clarence swinney
    political research historian of Reagan-Clinton-Bush II administration since 1991.
    president-Lifeaholics of America


    #1-in Debt Creation— equivalent of 600 years worth in only 12 years.
    #1-In Deficit Creation-
    #1-In lowest GDP growth over a 12 year period since WWII.
    #1-In number of times (256) a President and Admiral stated under oath “I do not remember”
    #1-In Bank Failures-with a president smiling and saying ”no pain no gain”.
    #1-In Personal Bankruptcies- “No pain no gain”
    #1-In Business Bankruptcies-“No pain no gain”
    #1-In Farm Foreclosures-“No pain no gain”
    #1-In Looting S&L’s - “folks. I think we hit the jackpot”
    Come and get it the vaults are unguarded.
    #1-In stagnating median incomes
    #1-In 60% Tax Cut for Top 1%
    #1-In having a President with Alzhimers during “most” of his eight years.-“no pain no gain”
    #1-In having a Grade-B actor play a role As president
    #1-In having a president who lied, over and over, about his wife’s age
    #1-In having a president who had a “shotgun” wedding
    #1-In having president who lied about having a ”close-knit” family.
    #1-In having a president who made decisions from alignment of the stars-not God
    #1-In having a president who spouted religious values yet never belonged to a church, rarely attended church services, and was never known, by his family, to pray.
    #1-In having a president who called a lying, stealing, convicted criminal Lt. Colonel a HERO then a :LIAR
    #1-In having a president who never once used the word ethics in referring to his administration employees.
    #1-In having a president who l ost 241 marines from a bad decision. Rambo talk “we will not cut and run” yet ordered removal of troops only 3.5 months later.
    #1-In having a president who claimed “A GREAT VICTORY” after whipping a small island with 88,000 inhabitants and 10,000 BB guns. “We whipped the Vietnam Syndrome.” “America stands tall again” I wants to puke.
    #1-In pushing a “disinformation” program against a small nation to have an excuse to bomb it.
    #1-In bombing a small nation and causing the loss of 270 civilians from a bombed plane.
    #1-In shooting down a civilian airliner and killing 290.
    #1-In having a 20% prime interest rate and smiling to say “no pain no gain”
    #1-In having 12-16% home loan interest rates. “No pain no gain”
    #1-In killing the home construction industry by allowing raids on S &L’s which were designed for home loans.
    #1-In having 10.8% unemployment while saying “no pain no gain”.
    #1-In averaging 175,000 jobs per month over 12 years compared to Carter’s 218,000 per month.
    #1-In having a recession in one third of twelve years.
    #1-In having every major scandal during 20ttth century.

    Plenty More.
    Clarence Swinney
    Burlington nc