Saturday, November 26, 2005


The email below comes from a friend in Iraq. It refers to corruption and the general state of chaos there.

The corruption here in Barzani-ville has only gotten worse since I have been here. But, the good news is the people of Arbil are starting to fight back. There is a movement called the Street Parliament - mostly young people who are fed up and are in the nascent stages of a protest movement. It is good.

The world of Iraq is a disaster - it is worse than mainstream media
portrays it. Michael's comparison of corruption to a car bomb is entirely
inappropriate. Saddam was corrupt, and the streets were safe. Now, Iraqis
do not know if they will survive the next minute. The despair is
noticeable on the faces of my friends. With dismay we watch the country
fall apart, and it seems that none is in a position to turn it around. I
have even heard people advocate an immediate civil war, to get it over

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