Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the morning news

Poetry by Gwen Gould

morning wakens
glistening wet sun drops
on quivering leaves
whisper life

NY Times headlines
slip silently into my inbox
without the dramatic voice
of a newscaster

the words scream out
their horrific content
jarring the core
of my quiet

people are blown up
while they shop
ride the trains
travel to work

my garden vegetables
luscious green and swollen
from the monsoon-like rain
need weeding and tending

in the open market
kill innocent people
shopping for produce

I weed and spade
in dazed disbelief
tears mingled with sweat
fall on my broccoli

death is a high price to pay
for fresh vegetables

Gwen H. Gould is a well-known orchestra conductor.